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The Gig Economy and Alternative Work Arrangements

What is it measuring?

This Gallup survey measured those in alternative work arrangements, borrowing definitions from the Bureau of Labor Statistics' Contingent Worker Supplement of temp-agency workers, on-call workers, contract-firm workers, and independent contractors. In addition, the Gallup survey measured electronically mediated work as an additional category of alternative work. The survey also asked about workers' experiences with alternative work and their levels of engagement with their jobs.

What does it tell us?

29 percent of workers surveyed reported having an alternative work arrangement as their primary job. 36 percent participated in alternative work in some capacity.

How is it collected?

The survey was administered to an online panel of 5,000 adults in October 2017. Panel participants were randomly selected and results were demographically weighted using the Current Population Survey.

Who collects it?

Gallup, a private analytics and management consulting company well known for its public opinion polls.


As a privately administered online survey, sampling methods are not as rigorous as other sources, including the Contingent Worker Supplement. In addition, the inclusion of online platform workers as an additional category limits comparability between surveys.

How to access this data?

Privately held by Gallup.